Download APK Kinemaster Pro Mod Gold Flower [NO WATERMARK] 2022


Download Kinemaster Pro Mod Gold Flower 2022
Download Kinemaster Pro Mod Gold Flower

Maswin.ID - Download the Latest Kinemaster Mod Gold Flower. Hello friends meet me again, on this occasion I will share a video editor application on Android.

Namely, the Latest Kinemaster Mod Gold Flower which has been developed until the final version of the Kinemaster APK is the end. Yes, you must know what the Kinemaster application is because surely you have used it on your smartphone.

Maswin.ID recommends that the latest Kinemaster Mod Gold Flower is a must on your smartphone. Because of what, especially for you video editors or film-makers, this application is perfect for you with a myriad of features it provides.

As the explanation below is the features found in Kinemaster Mod Gold Flower :

# Ultimate Layer Support

With this feature, this application can create unlimited layers in video editing processing, if you have ever used an application that is only limited to one to 3 layers, but with this latest Kinemaster you will have no trouble.

# 4K & 60 FPS Support

Have you ever had a 4K quality video with an FPS of 60 but it can't be rendered with an unsupported editor application. Now, with this latest Kinemaster you don't need to worry that you can edit even though the video quality is 4K 60 FPS.

# Export & Import

Export and Import made very easy with the Latest Kinemaster. Yes, because you don't need to think about whether 4K quality can be rendered. As I have mentioned before, yes, you can import videos up to 4K quality and also export with the same quality, namely 4K.

# No Watermark

Even though it's a small problem, it becomes very annoying. If there is a watermark or label from the application in a video, it makes us like a magazine editor. However, in this application you don't need to worry because it has support without a watermark so your videos are clean from annoying labels. 

# Full Unlocked

Yes, Fully Unlocked. You no longer need to bother downloading effects because everything is available, you just have to plug and play and enjoy making videos.

# Mixing Tool

Blending Tool is also known as blending is also included in this application. So you don't need a third party application to blend videos during the Editing process.

# Chroma key

To create animation effects and so on, don't worry, you can also use this application that supports Chroma Key, which is sure to make your Green Screen cool.

# Support 4K Export

Maybe, in the previous version, you would have been troubled if you wanted to upload videos to Youtube or other social media because of the limitations of the video to be rendered. Eits, don't worry about the features this time. The latest version of Kinemaster provides Export quality up to 4K Quality. So calm down, you won't have any more trouble.

# Reverse support

Reverse or Reversing a video, is now available for the latest version. So, without a third party we can do it simultaneously in video editing.

# New Color Filter

There is an update to the color filter, this makes it easier for filmmakers to make Cinematic Videos to find the right Color Grading.

# New Effect

There is an updated effect in this version of the update, you can use it if you are bored with the previous effect.

# Project Assistant

This Kinemaster feature allows you to create a step-by-step video project, from selecting the video to be edited, choosing a theme, entering filters, audio to rendering video editing results. With this feature it is very helpful for those of you who are new to using the Kinemaster application.

# Media Support

Kinemaster supports almost all types of media formats, to be able to enter media into this application is very easy because all media stored on a smartphone or on an external memory will be displayed in the same window and separated based on the storage directory.

# Audio

Kinemaster is also equipped with a lot of background music, so it will make it easy for computer friends who want to provide background sound either through Music Assets, SFX Assets, Recordings or by using music stored in your smartphone's memory.

# Text

It's incomplete if a video editing application is not equipped with a text editor feature, Kinemaster has features to add and manipulate text with various types of fonts and styles.

So that it will make video edits using the Kinemaster application even more perfect.

# Themes

For users of the Kinemaster application, you don't need to worry about having trouble making an interesting video, because Kinemaster is equipped with 4 themes that you can input into your video project, including Basic, On-Stage, Serene and Travel.

# Editing Tool

The Kinemaster application is also equipped with fairly complete editing tools, such as Cut, Copy, Crop, Trimming, Color adjustment and many others.

Well, how complete is not all the features available. To download Kinemaster Mod Gold Flower, link below:

Detail File :
  • File Name : KM GOLD FLOWER_r.apk
  • Version : Gold Flower Version
  • File size: 148.97 MB
  • Uploaded: 2022-06-12 04:24:43
  • OS : Android 7+ Up
For the convenience of visitors, all ghe link listed above do not use safelinks or nickel links. Thank you.


How To Install:

  1. Download the Kinemaster APK from the link above.
  2. If you have installed the Kinemaster application on your smartphone, please uninstall / delete it so you don't clash the APK later.
  3. Enable the permission to install applications from other applications via the settings menu.  
  4. Click on the Kinemaster APK, then Install.
  5. Kinemaster The latest version is ready to use.

Finally, thank you for visiting the Maswin.ID Blog, I hope the above article can be useful for you.

Thank you.

Kind regards.

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